As the creator of this site I’d like to post a past personal rig of mine. I named her Babaloo as her vintage and looks might have been something that Ricky Ricardo once owned. I purchased her when I lived in Southern Cal from a rare individual who provided the best care for a vintage rig like this. Her prior owners must have also been great owners. She was a 1971 Winnebago Chieftain D-22 mounted on a M300 series Dodge chassis. For her vintage she was a very durable and well designed rig. She held 110 gal of fuel, 66 gal of fresh water, had a generator, roof air and a microwave oven. She was powered by a 413 engine that ran flawlessly. Here dashboard was fitted with more gauges that would envy the space shuttle pilots. With 19.5 wheels the tires were easily replaced. BabalooOver time I added awnings, wheel covers and a few other small items. Her only major expense was a transmission rebuild that was done by a now deceased dear friend of mine, “The Nature Hater” whom this site is dedicated for.

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This rig carried us comfortably all thru Death Valley, the Mojave Preserve, Anza Borrego, Kern River, Ocotillo and the Salton Sea areas and she even moved us from SoCal to my present location here in the Midwest. While in So Cal she either had my Baja Bug or my vintage Bronco in tow behind. We had many good times with her that will last a lifetime. BabalooIn the spirit of the Rolling Heads RV Club she took us to several off the beaten path locations in search of lost ghost towns in comfort.

Sadly I sold her here locally and she fell into a state of disarray quickly with her new owner last I saw it. For a purchase price of 5k and selling her for 6.5k she did me well.

- Midwest Bob

Babaloo Babaloo